Landing Page Imagery

Your landing page, like it or not, is probably going to end up being fairly heavy on the imagery.  It is a fairly known fact that images help to boost your conversion rate when compared with simple text. Videos are even better, but that will be discussed in another blog post. Right now, the discussion is going to be heavy on images and designs themselves, and how they can play a role in your conversion rate and the appearance of your landing page. Everyone knows that first impressions are extremely important, and having a great image right at the top of your page, before the fold, is the ideal way to keep the attention of your prospect and keep your bounce rate low.

What NOT to Do

Here are a few things you will want to avoid doing with your images (images can be used for any/all of these, at your discretion):

  • Cluttering up your entire page with them. White space is natural and easy on the eyes. Don’t use your entire page as a big catalog of photographs. One or two good images will suffice.
  • Using the wrong images. This might seem a bit obvious, but make sure the images you use are actually relevant. If you are selling a writing service, don’t put an image of a painter up there (and justify if because “both of them are creative”).
  • Covering your images with text. Your page has plenty of room for text. No need to cover your images with it as well.
  • Not leaving empty space. Images and text are more effective when they have some empty space around them. It helps the eye determine what is what on the page quickly and helps potential leads scan through sections. Every bit of empty space does not need to be full of images.
  • Using a big image as a background. Outside of the header (potentially), don’t make your background a big beach with palm trees (or equally cringe-worthy image). Just make the background however it should be with your design (usually a solid color).


Here is an example of a poor use of imagery.

unnamedWhat You SHOULD Do

Finally, here are the things you should use your images for (images can be used for any/all of these at your discretion):

  • Put your best image up front, before the fold. This will allow people to see that image immediately and, hopefully, gain some insight into what they can expect from the rest of your page.
  • Use empty space effectively. Make your images stand out by giving them a boundary so they aren’t stuck right up next to other page elements.
  • Use a hero image to show your product/service in the right light. The picture will, ideally, do three things: Show what the image is, show it being used, and show it fixing a pain point of your potential lead.
  • Make it relevant to your audience. If you have a landing page, you HAVE to know your audience. Make sure your image is relevant to that audience. If it isn’t, either figure out how to make it relevant or get rid of it.

Here is an example of a landing page with great use of imagery.

Imagery is meant to complement your words and to present your product or service in the best light possible. Utilizing imagery effectively is not particularly difficult, but knowing when enough is enough CAN be. Choosing the right types of images and using them in the right places on your landing page should be one of your major design goals right from the start.

Published by Alex Maness

Alex Maness is an expert in copywriting, conversion optimization, and content management. Often, this comes in the form of writing copy for headlines, marketing materials, and landing pages or in the creation of full content systems (including blogs and social media) for clients. With an M.S. in Biotechnology, he is also familiar with niche topics and has extensive research experience, all of which is put to use in relevant projects.

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