Marketing Your Fitness Business Just Got a Whole Lot Easier!

We’ve developed some beautiful easy-to-use marketing templates, such as themes, landing pages and more, with step-by-step information that will help you market yourself online and grow your fitness business.

Start marketing your fitness business online without spending a fortune hiring a marketing team.

Growing your business, getting more clients, or being one of the top-rated professionals making the big bucks in the fitness training industry is more than just getting a certification or buying some plates and dumbbells. You have to know how to market your business if you want to grow and succeed.

In this day and age, 80% of your clients are going to come from the internet. The other 20% will come from things like referrals, direct mail pieces, and walk-ins, mostly offline. Don’t limit your exposure and wait around for clients to fall in your lap or sit around the front of the gym by the cardio machines hoping they will approach you.

So what is a fitness expert like yourself left to do?

That’s where this awesome Fitness Funnel Marketing Toolbox comes in. A digital marketing package with everything a fitness professional could need to market their services. Everything from landing page templates to mailers, business cards, referral cards, and more! No need to learn a bunch of code with the web templates either. Each landing page template can be used in the top landing page platform on the market, Leadpages.

90% of the hard technical work is done for you!

In no time at all, you will have an automated marketing machine promoting your business, getting leads or sales, and developing quality customer relationships.

By using these templates, you can develop an automated marketing machine and give yourself more time to focus on your clients and the “big picture” for your business. With the tools provided in this package, all you will have to do is focus on growing your business.

You already have the fitness skills, this package will give you tools and templates along with simple instructions to take your business to the next level today!

Here’s Whats In The Toolbox

12 Leadpages Landing Page Templates

Landing pages are essential for getting leads and sales. These landing pages work in the LeadPages revolutionary Drag & Drop editor and are extremely easy to setup and customize to fit your needs. Each landing page is carefully designed to reflect each other for branding and optimized for conversions.

View Live Demos:

  1. Fit Funnel Trainer 3.0
  2. Fit Funnel Minisite 3.0
  3. Fit Funnel Simple Opt-in 3.0
  4. Fit Funnel Thank You 3.0
  5. Fit Funnel Thank You Features 3.0
  6. Fit Funnel Thank You Recommended 3.0
  7. Fit Funnel Detailed Video 3.0
  8. Fit Funnel Simple Video 3.0
  9. Fit Funnel Contest 3.0
  10. Fit Funnel Book 3.0
  11. Fit Funnel Success Stories 3.0
  12. Fit Funnel Promo 3.0

unnamed-210 Banner Templates

These are great for advertising your business online. A variety of sizes to fit every major ad size requirement. Everyone has seen banner ads, everyone knows what they are. For fitness businesses especially, these are one of the top ways of getting noticed online.


unnamed-3Social Media Templates

Social media is the #1 way to get your name out there. These templates will help you stay consistent across your social media accounts. Easily modify the text and design in a mock up so you can see what your page will look like without even uploading it to the social media platform. Once approved, save the image and upload it to your account and you’re done.

unnamedBusiness Card Templates

Offline, face-to-face, and personal interaction will never go out of style. These cards will add a personal bit of flair to your business which will keep you fresh in the minds of your clients. More often than not, a business card is a make or break proposition.

unnamed-1Referral Card Templates

Referrals are, like it or not, the bread and butter of nearly every service based industry. People trust their friends and family. Referrals are likely to make up the bulk of your new business. These cards will explain who you are and what you do, as well as provide an easy way for your best cheerleaders to spread the word around.

unnamed-2Loyalty Card Templates

Loyalty cards are one of the best ways to keep customers coming back for more. A form of reward card, these will give them a bonus class for every 10 that they attend. The benefit is twofold: You get to see your clients more (and make more money) and your clients get an added value for the money and time that they are investing in your service.

unnamed-3Birthday Card Templates

Birthday cards are a great way to set yourself apart from the pack. Not only does it show that you are personable by caring enough to remember a birthday, but it also doubles as a way to get your clients thinking about you and your service offerings.

unnamed-4Direct Mail Template

Direct mail is another killer in the service industry. With so many designs already available, however, it can become cumbersome picking one. VistaPrint alone has thousands of designs, most of which aren’t worth looking at.

Are You Ready To Generate More Leads & Sales?

This Theme has Drag & Drop Editor Functionality

Disclaimer: The drag and drop features of this page can only be used using landing page platform. You must have a account to use the drag and drop editor that this theme works with., However, this download does also have the HTML/CSS files attached as well. If you are a developer you can dive into the code that way, but we do recommend using the service and platform for this theme as it will save you an enormous amount of time and headache setting up your landing pages and funnel. We know, we have been there. Cheers!

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Leadpages Features

Leadpages generates leads and sales for your business on the web, in emails, via text messaging, and on social media. Meet the powerful tools that make it possible.


Top Features to Help You Grow Wherever Your Customers Go

Mobile-Friendly Templates

Start building your page with hundreds of high-performing templates—all of which work just as beautifully on a smartphone screen as they do on a desktop monitor.

Drag-and-Drop Customization

Make every page your own by dropping new elements where you want them. Text, images, buttons, and even widgets such as countdown timers all snap into place with ease.

Easy A/B Testing & Analytics

See how your pages and opt-in forms are performing at a glance, then optimize by setting up an A/B test. It takes only a few clicks to start discovering what works for your audience.


Make the marketing and sales software you already use more powerful by linking it to Leadpages. Send new contacts to your email list, CRM, webinar platform, or all of the above.

Lead Capture Pop-Ups

Collect leads anywhere on any site with Leadboxes two-step opt-in forms. Automatically add new leads to any email list and let our built-in lead magnet delivery system rush them your best content.

SMS Opt-in Codes & 1-Click Signup Links

Capture opt-ins wherever leads carry their phones with Leaddigits—all it takes is a simple, automated SMS text conversation. Then, let leads sign up for new email lists and register for webinars right in their inboxes with Leadlinks.

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